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Enterprise Gas Processing ? Update 2

Destin conducted a Shipper Meeting via teleconference on March 14, 2019 at 3:00pm CT to discuss the upcoming planned shut down of the Enterprise Gas Processing LLC (Enterprise) Pascagoula Gas Processing Plant (PGP). 

Destin Reported that the PGP shut down duration estimated to be 14 days from June 12, 2019. Destin intends to offer offshore transportation service from its MP260 platform to the Viosca Knoll Gas System (VKGS) on a temporary basis during this time when PGP is not available. Delivery capacity to VKGS is estimated to be 500 mmcfd.

Destin reported that it received information that the VKGS downstream gas processing capacity during this 14 day period is approximately 380 mmcfd:
	Williams Gas Plant      200 mmcfd
	DCP Gas Plant           110 mmcfd
	Venice Gas Plant        70 mmcfd (via High Point Gas System)

At the aforementioned Shipper Meeting, Destin indicated a flow estimate of 300 mmcfd during the PGP shut down. Since the meeting Destin now has received flow forecasts indicating the total flow will exceed 380 mmcfd of downstream capacity and now estimates that curtailments of approximately 24% may be necessary during the PGP shut down.  Curtailments will occur by priority of service at the location of the constraint.

Updates will be provided as information becomes available. 

Please contact AMID Offshore Asset Management at 346-241-3553 with any questions.